Experts in the Restoration and Cleanup of Flood Damage

Floods are an inevitable occurrence! We can dry your house, carpet, and possessions rapidly.

Flooding is not a problem. Do you need to dry your carpet immediately? With our water damage restoration services, we can dry and restore carpets to their pre-flood state. In Auckland, we are capable of handling every facet of flood repair.


  • If teams work swiftly, secondary damage like mold, rot, and material degradation can be prevented. There is a direct correlation between how quickly we address flood water damage and the outcome.
  • The most cutting-edge drying techniques and the strictest international standards have been thoroughly taught.
  • Your property will be dried as rapidly as possible thanks to expert equipment and 24-hour remote monitoring.


Sanding And Refinishing Of Floors

Offering floor stripping and polishing services is Total Plan Cleaning. Use our floor stripping and polishing service to get rid of old polish. Various floor surfaces, including wood, tile, and stone, can also be clean. Our cleaning service is skilled in all facets of floor care and upkeep. They will polish your floors if they need to be polished. This increases the surface’s lifespan and brings back its radiance.


Wood floors are appealing because they need less maintenance. They may be a massive asset to a bumassiveng when kept up within. To restore their former beauty, wood and vinyl flooring typically need professional cleaning and maintenance. We can tailor a floor maintenance solution to fit your needs, which is where we come in. You may rely on our polishing and stripping expertise to bring back the luster of your floor.


Clean The Floor

Removing previously applied sealers and coatings from a floor is known as floor stripping. To achieve this, a standard chemical remover is employed. Apply the chemical to the floor using a mop or solution applicator after diluting it. With this solution, you can re-emulsify and penetrate the finish. We agitate the area using a professional floor machine to remove the finish altogether.


Keeping The Shine On The Floor

Additionally, we offer floor polishing services. With an excellent floor polishing product, your floors will regain their former radiance and appeal. For both vinyl and hardwood flooring, use this strategy. The goal of floor polish is to shield the floor from wear brought on by high heels and other abrasive surfaces. This works particularly well in a commercial environment with daily foot traffic on the flooring. This polish provides a layer of protection and a barrier against stains and soiling. Floor polish can give surfaces a better appearance and consistent sheen. The floor could be simpler to clean if it has a layer of shine on it.

Whether you select a water-d or solvent-based finish, we can assist you with your wood floor installation needs. We also have experience installing laminate and prefinished flooring.



  • If you are prepared to sell your home, refinishing or reglazing the flooring is a fantastic solution.
  • Any outdated carpets you may have are also removed and disposed of by us.
  • Among other materials, we sand and polyurethane wood, engineered wood, particle, strand, and parquet.
  • Additionally, this service includes leveling and preparing the subfloor for overlay floorings such as vinyl, carpet, and other types.

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